Lori Barcenilla (Formerly Chung) is the CEO and Founder of MixxedFit LLC. As of date, MixxedFit® has licensed over 3000 MixxedFit® Instructors and has a reach of approximately 80,000 MixxedFit® Enthusiasts. Her format is currently offered in almost 800 locations across the United States, Guam, Japan, Germany, Mexico and the Philippines. (updated: January 2017)

She and her business partner own a specialized gym located in the Greater Seattle area. The gym started off as a martial arts studio in 2003, only offering traditional taekwondo at the time. In 2009, she became a Licensed Zumba® Instructor and was one of the first pioneers to start teaching Zumba® in the Northwest. When Lori B. launched her program at her and her partner’s martial arts studio in Renton, Washington, she started off teaching twice a week. She later found herself teaching three classes a day and six times a week because of the high demand. Her program quickly grew and it became the largest privately-owned dance fitness studio in the entire state of Washington. In 2011, the program quadrupled in size, and the martial arts studio grew into a “specialized” gym, focusing on different group fitness classes such as Krav Maga, Crossfit®, Zumba®, and MixxedFit®.

Since then, her gym has received many accolades. It was voted Top 5 “Best Gyms” in Washington (other gyms in the category included national chains like LA Fitness and YMCAs), been voted “Best Places to Visit” by the local community of Renton, Washington, has been featured on Groupon and Living Social, and has been featured on many news stations, television commercials, and radio stations. Lori was also asked to do a Taco Time Commercial showcasing her dance skills.

Currently, MixxedFit® is the hottest new dance craze sweeping the nation. Lori took the needs and requests of her students at Dojo 3, and formulated it into a fitness program that everyone wants a piece of. It is easy, repetitive, and super high-intensity.

One thing Lori is best known for her crazy-packed classes. Students will drive over 50 miles to get into her classes, wait in line for over 2 hours, and get welcomed into a class full of 90+ people. She is energetic and really passionate about what she does! Anyone that knows Lori on a personal level describe her as being blunt, energetic, motivational, inspiring, and generous.

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” – Mother Theresa

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