Our Difference

MixxedFit®: What Makes it Different?

  1. We play all types of music that you would most likely hear on the radio, at the club, etc. Our music selection is young, fresh, upbeat, and familiar.
  2. Our moves are repetitive and easy to follow. We do this so our students can focus on maximizing their workouts rather than focusing on complicated dance steps.  We do this so our students can get lost in the music.
  3. We are not Latin-inspired, Asian-inspired, African American-inspired, etc. We are PEOPLE-INSPIRED. Our workouts are not influenced by a specific culture, race, or ethnicity.
  4. We also make sure we focus equally on toning as we do dancing. This is a huge difference in our dance fitness program than others. You will do squats, arm toning exercises, and other bootcamp inspired drills during your MixxedFit® class. You will do it A LOT. 
  5. Everything we do is explosive. All of our moves are big, exaggerated, and our very best always. Being explosive allows us to burn more calories, increase our endurance, and challenge ourselves physically and mentally.

We strive to make our students feel like they are not only at the nightclub, but, also like they just came out of a boot camp. Again, the secret is in our toning exercises!