We are always looking for new areas to bring MixxedFit® to. There are two easy ways to bring MixxedFit® to your city to get this party started!

The First Way

If you are in a “hot spot” and think MixxedFit® will thrive in your region or state, you can email us now and let us know a little about yourself and where you are from!

E-mail: customersupport@mixxedfit.com

Toll-free Number: (855) 5 MIXXED

The Second Way

The second way you can bring MixxedFit® to your area is to attend our next Workshop 101 and then Audition! Once you are a Licensed MixxedFit® Instructor, you can teach wherever you want! If you do not see a MixxedFit® Workshop 101 in your region, you can either fly to the training or if you work or manage a gym or studio, you can host your own training!